Thinking About Remodeling Your Home?

We know how exciting it is to imagine a new bathroom, kitchen, or room addition, but before starting a residential remodeling project, there are important things to think about before you begin. We’ve asked some questions that will help get you started.

What is your end goal?

Are you planning to enjoy living in your home for many years to come? Do you want to remodel to increase the value of your home? What is the average value of the properties in your neighborhood? Will this project be a good return on your investment? Answering these questions will help you establish a plan. If you are doing the project by yourself, having a plan with drawings, will help you create a vision. You will want to plan out room dimensions as well as select all of the material and furnishings you desire. If you have a room addition in mind, you will have to have the plans drawn professionally. Most cities require a detailed plan before they will approve work to begin. Give us a call, we have a list of professionals to choose from. If you are wondering how your plans may affect the real estate value of your home, talk to a licensed real estate agent. Chris Finley can assist you in this area, click here to learn more.

Think about how you will want to use the room in the future.  Ask yourself questions to help you figure out everything that needs to be accomplished in the work area before completion. Will you need additional insulation?  New, or more electrical outlets or more lighting? A new electrical panel?

Money Matters?

Do you have the proper funds to accomplish your vision of the project? Decide whether you will need to speak with professionals in banking and lending. Creating a budget is an important part of the planning process. Add in a contingency fund for unexpected expenses. It would be awesome to have a top of the line renovation, but maybe some tidying up and a little bit of paint can make your house look just fine. Make sure you do the research to find out what projects are going to make the most sense for you, your happiness, and your budget.

Did You Check Your Calendar?

Any home renovation project can disrupt your household and routine. Ask your remodeling contractor about the start and finish dates so that you can coordinate your schedules. Do you want the project to be completed within a particular time-frame for an event or a holiday? Determine how the weather could affect your timeline. Indoor work is better done in the winter months, excavation work requires dry weather.  

Do You Know Yourself?

It is a great accomplishment to complete home projects by yourself. You can save some money, and maybe even do a little bonding, working together with a friend or family member. If you’re planning on doing the work yourself, it is important to know what you are doing so that you will avoid disaster. Ask yourself what you can do safely, on your own, and what needs to be handled by the pros.

Danger Zones?

Keep these key factors in mind and do the research. Ask a professional to tell you if any of these will be a problem:
. load-bearing walls
. asbestos
. lead paint
. plumbing
. electric


Good contractors are happy to have you talk to their past customers and provide you with a list of references before the project begins. Also, find out if the people on the list would mind if you called them. Trust your gut and ask your residential remodeling contractor questions, learn more about how he plans to proceed.

Pack it Up!

Once you have signed the contract, you are ready to begin. It’s time to declutter and pack away all belongings that are in the work zone. Do everything you can to make yourself as comfortable as possible while the remodeling work is in progress. Are you planning a kitchen remodel? If so, you will want to establish a temporary kitchen while the work is being completed. One idea is to move the fridge into the dining room to set up shop there.

Planning Cleanup?

Talk to your contractor to make sure keeping his work area tidy is part of the job. Tools should be kept in a designated area to avoid injury.  A well-kept workplace helps to keep dust at a minimum too. If you’re doing the work yourself, schedule time in for cleanup at the end of each day.

Obtaining Permits?

The City of Hudson will require building permits and your home insurance agent should provide you with the Certificate of Insurance. Be sure to talk to your contractor about this process before your project begins. If you are doing the work yourself, make sure you obtain permits where necessary, to keep your home safe and up to code. If you are planning to add a garage, sunroom, first-floor addition, or any room that requires a foundation, The City of Hudson must approve your plans. They are in charge of the zoning of your property lines and all the legal matters that affect the City of Hudson. You don’t need building permits to do interior remodeling work, make sure you have home insurance. Also, keep in mind that larger projects will require a dumpster and a port-o-potty, on site.

We hope you find this article useful for planning your residential remodeling project. If you have any questions, just give us a call.  Also, keep this very important word at the forefront of your mind, happiness! In every stage of the planning process, ask yourself this question: what will help to make this project the happiest, for everyone involved? Asking, and taking time to answer this question, can make the difference in whether or not your remodeling experience is enjoyable.

Finley & Sons Builders, Inc., located in Hudson, Ohio, was established by Jim Finley in 1975 and incorporated in 1984. We service the Hudson community and the surrounding area, we specialize in the remodeling of existing homes.

The mission of Finley & Sons Builders, Inc. is to provide our customers with the best quality service possible. With personal service and attention to detail, we help our clients enjoy remodeling as much as we do. We provide quality products, timely service, and thorough communication. Most importantly, we consistently do what we say we are going to do. Our goal is to make each project an investment you can live with.

• Major Home Renovations
• Room Additions
• Kitchens and Baths
• Finished Basements
• Sun Rooms
• Garages

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